Earl Griggs

Independent Energy Consultant


I provide high-quality energy brokerage services through the power of Broker Online Exchange!

Supplying Business' with the best rates available on their electricity
and gas costs

What I love most about being a BOX independent energy consultant is my ability to leverage the vast network of energy suppliers in every market to ensure my customers always get the best price on their energy!


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001-email  info@earlgriggs.com

The Power of Broker Online Exchange

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Through my partnership with Broker Online Exchange, you have access to the most comprehensive pricing and market intelligence offering available in the retail energy industry. Utilizing sophisticated technological innovations, and the deepest connections in the energy industry, you can tap in to a powerful network of over 90 suppliers throughout all deregulated markets.


Proudly Partnered with Over 90 Energy Suppliers

Providing customers with the best prices on their energy, saving them thousands of dollars every year on their energy bills. When working me, you get access to top energy suppliers including:

SFE Energy
TXU Energy
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Hudson Energy

Take a Peek Inside BOX

Since 2013, BOX has grown to become the largest network of energy agents, brokers, consultants, and suppliers in North America. The BOX family of energy professionals has been working hard to achieve incredible success.



Partnerships with Major Suppliers



Individual Consultants Across 770+ Agencies



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Gas & Electricity Accounts


  • Analyzing your current energy usage; The process can be started with just a copy of your most recent utility bill
  • Scouring the energy supplier market to obtain the best available energy pricing and products
  • Analyzing products, pricing, terms, and conditions provided by energy suppliers
  • Discuss and recommend the combination of attributes that fit your energy needs
  • Overseeing, reviewing, and preparing all the necessary paperwork and overseeing the transition to your new supplier

Rate Analysis

The complimentary rate analysis service enables us to accurately assess your energy spend and offer significant savings by scouring a vast network of over 90 suppliers across all deregulated markets, and procuring the supplier, product, and rate that best meets your needs and saves you money.

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I take the guesswork out of lowering your utility bills by making the electricity and gas suppliers compete for your business. When suppliers compete, you win!

Examples of Energy Savings

BOX Savings Example-Texas Drug Store
BOX Savings Example-Ohio Auto Parts
BOX Savings Example-NJ VET

Service Availability

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